By entrusting us with comprehensive logistics services for your e-commerce and more, you can develop your business.

We provide comprehensive logistics services for online stores. In addition to the standard option of next day delivering e-commerce orders in Poland, we also offer:

  • receipt of goods to the warehouse,
  • storage,
  • picking,
  • shipment of goods,
  • delivery of goods to the customer,
  • returns and complaints handling,
  • VAS: i.e. labeling, quality control, refreshing, repackaging,
  • sale of packaging materials,
  • transportation services,
  • the possibility of selling products on marketplaces.

How we can help you and your business?Jak działamy?


Goods receipt

Upon request we can organize the transport of your goods to our warehouse and take proper care of it. After unloading your products will be available for allocation within 24 hours.



We will store your products on specially designed racks and shelves made of ecological cardboard. We also have metal racks for heavier products.


Order picking

Picking route for your products is adjusted to your orders specifics to make picking easy and efficient. Our system is very flexible that we are able to pack your products according to your specific needs. We cooperate with many carriers in Poland, including one of the most dynamically developing companies. Thanks to this, we can offer competitive rates and maintain quality standards to fulfill customer orders as quickly as possible.


Product packing

After the initial picking - we proceed to the appropriate protection of the ordered products. Our specialized team selects the proper methods and materials for ordered product protection. We use bubble wrap, air filler and ecological cardboard or paper filling.


Returns handling

We manage the handling of returns, starting from acceptance, assessment of the product's condition, through service, i.e. washing, ironing, refreshing, minor repairs or labeling and repackaging. Then, full-fledged products are brought back into stock and customers can receive a refund in a short time.

Additional service

Customer service center

There are no doubts, that the advantage of our company is having an efficient customer service center, taking care of the following tasks:

  • providing information on the status of the order,
  • consumers complaints handling (or escalating them to the appropriate department in company),
  • answering customer questions related to the company’s products or services (via chat, telephone, e-mail or direct contact),
  • quick resolution of current consumers’ problems,
  • analyzing customer expectations and taking actions to increase their satisfaction,
  • completing and updating the database,
  • communication with other departments of the company, e.g. with the marketing department.


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