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In 2008, the clothing brand TOP SECRET decided to appear in the e-commerce channel. This meant fundamental challenges for REDAN– should the e-commerce channel be operated from a stock of goods common to the network of stationary stores or from a separate warehouse?– at which stage of the return process should products from returns from stationary stores undergo quality control?The answer to the first question came quite quickly. Top Secret clothes are delivered to the warehouse in pre-packaged size sets (several SKUs in one set), which are sent to stores unchanged. Sending individual SKUs to B2C customers required separate storage.…
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In 2021, the Shumee store platform offered logistics services for PEPCO products. The main challenge faced by REDAN was the inability to ship goods in the functioning system. In order to purchase the proper WMS, we conducted an analysis of 10 received offers and, as a consequence, we decided to launch the WMS Feniks WMS from ELANDIS company based in Cracow. In July 2021, the necessary interfaces were designed and implemented to exchange messages and data between PEPCO, Shumee and REDAN. Shipments of e-commerce orders started in August. Another issue to be solved is an effective and safe way to…
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